Electric Bike Kits by REV

Tired of towing a small car behind your motorhome? Fed up with trying to pedal your cycle up steep hills? Too old to take up skateboarding?

Fear not. There are other solutions to the eternal big rig traveller’s local transport conundrum. For many, electric bikes offer the perfect easily transportable, fun, accessible, affordable and hassle-free means of exploring the area around their camp.

The ingenious machines are basically bicycles with electric motors to assist propulsion. While there are many variations within the e-bike family, all retain the ability to be pedalled by the rider.

Most electric bikes make use of a throttle, or by pedalling to make the motor work, or by using a combination of both. It means riders may use the throttle to get started on a ride, or to go up a hill … and it also means they don’t have to pedal all of the time. Hooray! It can also be useful to have that extra throttle control in pedestrian-heavy areas such as in caravan parks or on boardwalks.

Electric Bikes DON’T:

  • require a licence, roadworthy, rego, or insurance
  • need you to constantly fill them with petrol and oil
  • require a parking space, or
  • pollute our cities with greenhouse gas emissions.

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Electric Bike Kits FAQ

Are these REV Bike kits legal in Australia?

The Zoom Kit falls inside the Australian legal limit of 200 watts. To achieve 200w, we get limited motors, or restrict the current from the motor to ensure it is not too powerful. The Smart & Grunt Kits can run up to 500-1000 watts, but can be reduced to using the USB Cable included. However this is still NOT road-legal, as the motor is CAPABLE of running higher than 200watts. The legal limit for an electric bike to still be categorised as a bicycle is 200w in all states of Australia, or 250w if operated by pedelec rather than throttle.

How much power can I expect from 200w?

The legal limit for riding on roads (200/250watts) was set in Australia because it’s roughly what the average cyclist can pedal at without assistance. On the flat, it should move you to about 25km/h, most of the motors are limited to this sort of speed for safety. Higher powered motors (or higher voltages) do go faster, and on hills there will be a proportional improvement in speed and power. 200w will definitely assist you on hills, but you will still need to pedal too, though it will be much easier pedalling. You should look at the motor as a form of ASSISTANCE, rather than presuming it will do ALL the work for you. After all, you still want some light exercise in the great outdoors, right??

How far will a REV-Bike go before I need to recharge it?

You should always recharge the battery as often as possible. Lithium batteries don’t have a ‘memory’ problem, they prefer to be charged frequently, and you can do damage by running it right down to empty. That said, all the batteries we sell have built-in BMS (Battery Management System) to reduce the risk of over-charging or depleting. Generally speaking, you could get anywhere from 20 to 60kms per charge, depending on the battery you choose, and how you ride.

How long does the battery take to charge?

As mentioned earlier, top the battery up whenever you get a chance. If you are charging from fairly flat, the larger Lithium batteries can take 4-5 hours to charge. Smaller batteries normally fully charge in 2 hours. If you are charging with solar, you should get roughly 8kms of riding for every hour of good solar charging (with an 80w solar panel).

Can I add more than one motorised wheel?

Yes, you can, but it won’t be legal, and you won’t improve your top speed. It will also add significant weight to the bike, and drain the battery faster, for only a little bit more torque.

Should I get a front wheel or rear wheel kit?

We often recommend installing on the front wheel, as this tends to balance out the extra weight on the bike, with the motor at the front and the battery on the back. It is also much easier to install without the gears and everything else which can get in the way on the rear wheel. And it leaves you with a 2 wheel drive vehicle. If wanting to install on the rear wheel, you may want to chat with us first to discuss specific requirements, or a Drouin Cycles team member can do it for you.

Are these kits decent quality, with a reliable Warranty?

YES! REV-Bikes are not trying to be the cheapest, we strive to be the best value. Our reputation and success depend on you having a positive experience. As a result, we are always undertaking R&D to bring you the best products we can. REV personally visit our manufacturers factories, and test all of our components (to their limits!) before offering them to our customers for sale. We are confident that our motors can comfortably withstand normal riding conditions, and are suitably tough when challenged with Australian terrain. We only source the highest quality batteries, which are designed to last the greatest number of charge cycles. So if you look after them, they should last up to 4 times as long as cheaper Li-Ion batteries.

Are there any bikes that your kits will not fit??

Almost any bike with 16″ – 29″ wheels can be converted to a REV-Bike, some bikes just have challenges to overcome (don’t let that stop you!). Below we list the common complications. You’re welcome to bring your bike in to us (or email us pictures and model number) for a free evaluation & quote. Drop handlebars cannot have controls fitted, so you must install pedelec system only. If mounting on the rear wheel, you may need to replace your gear cluster to suit the motor (screw-type or spline type), and you may need to spread the dropouts open to get the wheel in nice and centred (especially if 8 or more speeds on the rear). If you have internal gears or coaster/hub brakes on the rear, then you can’t fit a rear motor.

Front wheel mounting is more likely to work on most bikes, this may need c washers if you have quick-release wheel recessed dropouts. We discourage use on carbon-fibre or thin forks (it’s not pretty if they snap), steel/alloy forks are the best. Suspension forks are ok if reasonable quality. If you have a dyno for light or hub brakes on the front, these will be lost if you fit a motorised wheel. BMX bikes or scooters with a 110mm rear hub spacing will only work with a front wheel conversion. If you have integrated brake/gear shifters, you will need to replace at least one shifter to fit our brake lever, if you want to run regen &/or cruise control. We have solutions to offer for almost every challenge!

Rack batteries require mounting points, as do frame batteries (water bottle mounts usually). These can normally be drilled by Drouin Cycles if you don’t have them in the right spot. Some bikes won’t be able to fit some frame-mounted batteries.  All bikes are different, so some require a little improvising here and there, we think its all part of the fun!